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Scopelodes albipalpalis Hering  
Scopelodes albipalpalis
Hering, 1931: 689.

Scopelodes albipalpalis (grey form)

Scopelodes albipalpalis (typical form)

Scopelodes albipalpalis

This species exists in two forms, the typical one having white palps and black forewings as in the Chinese kwangtungensis Hering, and the commoner one having grey forewings with a diffuse distal barring in a paler zone as in anthela Swinhoe, and grey palps with black tips.

Taxonomic notes. The male genitalia have the juxta spined but this differs from the Himalayan S. testacea Butler and S. anthela Swinhoe from Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra in having the spines clumped on two splayed arms rather than running across in an irregular but continuous band. In all these species the gnathus is almost completely divided, whereas in pallivittata it is only bifid at the apex.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The type specimen was a female from the Kinabalu area; otherwise the typical form is only known from a series of males from wet heath forest (kerangas) on a river terrace of the S. Melinau in the Gunong Mulu National Park. The grey form is frequent in other lowland forest types.

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