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Scopelodes pallivittata Snellen 
Scopelodes pallivittata
Snellen, 1886, Notes Leyden Mus. 8: 9.
Scopelodes pallivittata Snellen; Hering, 1931: 690.

Scopelodes pallivittata

The pale fawn forewings with oblique, diffuse, more darkly reflective bands render this species unmistakable. The genitalia are also the most divergent within the 'spined juxta' group.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species has been taken in rich lowland rainforest types but not heath forest.

Biology. Piepers & Snellen (1900) described the larva. It is higher than broad, a soft green with small spots of dark blue along the centre of the dorsum and, more particularly, on the flanks. The two posterior segments have a black spot on the margin at the edge of the venter. There are complete rows of lateral and subdorsal spined processes, the former larger, directed laterally, the latter upright. The spherical cocoon is dark brown.

The host-plant recorded was Musa (Musaceae).

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