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Mahanta Moore

Type species: quadrilinea Moore.
The two large species in this genus have a distinctive forewing shape and facies as illustrated. The antennae are almost filiform, weakly bipectinate over the basal fifth and serrate more distally. The palps are upcurved to the top of the eye, the third segment very small relative to the second.

In the male genitalia the uncus and gnathus are weakly bilobed, the valve has ventral subapical spur on the margin and the juxta bears one or two spines centrally. The aedeagus has a prominent thorn apically or subapically.

The female genitalia (below) have a spiralled ductus and a double signum. There are two bifid processes on the eighth sternite posterior to the ostium, the more posterior one of these larger and more complex.

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