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Xyleutes anceps Snellen  
Endoxyla anceps Snellen, 1900, Tijdschr. Ent. 43: 40.
Xyleutes anceps Snellen; Roepke, 1957: 35; Barlow, 1982: 42.

Xyleutes anceps

This is a medium sized species with the dorsal part of thorax and abdomen a dull orange-pink. The wings are a leaden grey, bordered irregularly with areas of pink marked with grey reticulations.

Geographical range. Sundaland, Philippines.

Habitat preference. Four specimens were taken during the Mulu survey, all from alluvial forest.

Biology. Roepke cited Derris (Leguminosae) as a host-plant; the larva can cause a gall-like deformation of the twig.

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