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Cossus verbeeki Roepke  
Cossus verbeeki Roepke, 1957: 9.

Cossus verbeeki

Cossus verbeeki

The forewing striations are coarser than in chloratus and javanus, with a stronger antemedial fascia as well as a postmedial one, and a further sinuous line in the posterior part of the medial zone. Distally, and basally from this medial block are paler bands, and the basal zone is tinged slightly yellowish. A putative female (illustrated) has the medial zone blotched with dark brown, unlike the Javan example illustrated by Roepke which resembles the male. In the male genitalia the uncus is somewhat circular, the valve has an acute apex and a subcostal wrinkled and scobinate flange centrally that is contiguous with the margin distally.

Geographical range. Java, Bali, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The single Bornean male bears no more precise data than ‘Sarawak'. The putative female is from lowland swamp forest in Brunei.

Biology. Roepke (1957) gave the host tree in Java as Acacia tomentosa (Leguminosae).

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