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Xyleutes ceramica Walker  
    Zeuzera ceramica Walker, 1865, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln. Br. Mus. 32: 587.
    Duomitus ligneus Butler, 1880, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (5), 6: 68.
    Eudoxyba bosschae Heylaerts, 1886, C. r. Ann. Soc. ent. Belg. 36: 95.
    Xyleutes ceramica Walker; Roepke, 1957: 24; Barlow, 1982: 42.

Xyleutes ceramica

This is one of the larger species, the forewings with rather ‘ligneous' markings including a central longitudinal zone of rich fawn with darker zones anteriorly and posteriorly; the dorsum is narrowly more greyish, a zone that expands sharply in an oblique step at three quarters to cut off the dark band posterior to the central one.

Taxonomic notes. Roepke (1957) considered Solomons material to represent a distinct subspecies, eichhorni Roepke.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Burma, Sundaland to New Guinea and Solomons.

Habitat preference. During the Mulu survey most specimens were taken in alluvial forest, and in Brunei three were taken in lowland forest at Labi.

Biology. Roepke (1957) and Arora (1976) cited records of the larva from Callicarpa, Clerodendrum, Gmelina, Tectona (Verbenaceae), Erythrina, Sesbania (Leguminosae), Spathodea (Bignoniaceae), and Duabanga (Sonneratiaceae).

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