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Cania guichardi sp. n. 

Cania guichardi (holotype)

 12-13mm, slightly smaller than those of bandura. The exterior margin of the basal pale fawn area of the forewing is stepped rather than sinuous. The hindwing is always grey, though some specimens of bandura have it as grey. The most reliable diagnostic features are in the male genitalia where the gnathus is as long or longer than the uncus prongs, rather than much shorter, the furca is relatively half as long as in bandura and the aedeagus, though slender, is not needle-like and has a single cornutus in the vesica.

A female from Ulu Temburong, Brunei, possibly that of guichardi or the next species is illustrated in Plate 5. The genitalia are featured in Fig. 141. The correct assignation of this female must await rearing of both sexes of one or other of the two species from a single batch of eggs.

Holotype E. SABAH: Kinabalu, 100m 3.4.1979, (K.M. Guichard) BM limacodid slide 522.

Paratype. l Bidi, SARAWAK, 1907-1908 (C.J. Brooks) BM limacodid slide 526.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. The few specimens have been taken in the lowlands.

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