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Xyleutes maculatus Snellen  
Cossus maculatus Snellen, 1879, Tijdschr. Ent. 22: 125.
Xyleutes maculatus overbecki Draeseke, 1937, Dt. ent. Zeit. Iris 50: 166.
Xyleutes maculata Snellen; Roepke, 1957: 37.

Xyleutes maculatus

Xyleutes maculatus

Medium in size, maculatus has a whitish ground colour to the forewing and a brownish grey hindwing. The forewing has darker striae and grades greyer towards the margin. There is a dark brown triangle on the centre of the dorsum another at two-thirds on the costa; the latter, together with the dark brown basal area, is diagnostic.

Taxonomic notes. A few specimens, such as the lower figure above (Santubong, Sarawak), have much finer reticulation and striae on the wings.

Geographical range. Singapore, Borneo, Java, Lesser Sundas, Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. The species is frequent in mangrove forest in Brunei but has also been taken in dipterocarp forest in Sarawak and in montane forest on Bukit Retak, Brunei.

Biology. Roepke (1957) noted a Javanese specimen reared from a twig of Ceiba (kapok, Bombacaceae).

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