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Narosa harmani sp. n.  

Narosa harmani (holotype)

8mm. Externally the species resembles silati but differs in the male genitalia: the central process of the valve is much smaller, more spherical, more coarsely scobinate dorsally; the costal process is two-thirds the length of the costa, straight and almost parallel to it after the dorsal margin angles at right angles subbasally; the aedeagus is as in silati. A specimen from Peninsular Malaysia has the costal process somewhat shorter, broader, slightly curved, but is otherwise similar.

Holotype Badas Forest, 20m, BRUNEI, 26.ii.1982 (T.W. Harman), BM limacodid slide 794.

Paratype 1 as holotype, BM limacodid slide 796.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat preference. Bornean material was taken in a lowland area with extensive swamp forest. The Peninsula specimen was from 700m, just below the lower montane forest zone.

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