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Squamura roepkei Holloway 
    Squamura roepkei Holloway, 1982a: 188.

Squamura roepkei 

Squamura roepkei 

Squamura roepkei 

Diagnosis. See Squamura maculata Heylaerts.

Taxonomic notes. Bornean specimens have the hindwing brownish rather than cream-colour, but they have male genitalia as in the typical race. A Bornean specimen. was referred by Roepke to the Vietnamese (Hanoi) S. magma de Joannis to which it is externally similar but for the elongate discal spot. The relationship of roepkei to magma and the status of the Javan material referred to by Roepke need investigation. Roepke recorded roepkei (as flavina) from Java so there may be another taxon there as well.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java; Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is infrequent in lowland habitats.

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