This checklist includes all known Bornean species, giving the page number on which a fuller account can be found, a broad categorisation of the type of geographical distribution and Bornean habitat preference.

In the geographical distribution the term Wallacea indicates the presence of the species in Sulawesi and the Philippines,
* means shared with Sumatra only and ** means shared with Peninsular Malaysia only. The suggested habitat preference is bracketed if based on less than five specimens. The categories 'Radio Sabah' and 'Summit' refer to zones on G. Kinabalu above upper montane recognised by Holloway (1970).


Timandra punctinervis Prout. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Synegiodes diffusifascia
Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Sundaland**. (Upper montane).
Traminda aventiaria Guenée. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, ?disturbed habitats.


Chrysocraspeda porphyrochlamys Prout. Sundaland**. (Lowland to lower montane).
Chrysocraspeda marginata Warren. N. E. Himalaya, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda tristicula Swinhoe. Indian Subregion, Borneo, Philippines, Sumbawa. (Lowland Eucalyptus plantation).
Chrysocraspeda truncipennis Prout. Endemic.
Chrysocraspeda dilucida Warren. Sundaland**. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda tigrina Meyrick. Endemic. (?Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda medioplaga Swinhoe. Endemic. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda sanguinipuncta Swinhoe. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda oophora Prout. Endemic. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda phlogea Prout. Endemic. (?Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda dracontias Meyrick. Sundaland**. Lowland**.
Chrysocraspeda dipyramida Prout. S. Burma, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda pagon sp. n. Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Chrysocraspeda vinosa Prout. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda conversata Walker. Sundaland*. Lowland (swamp) forest.
Chrysocraspeda anisocosma Prout. Sundaland**. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda juriae sp. n.. Sundaland**. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda ozophanes Prout. Sundaland**. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda dramaturgis sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda orgalea Meyrick. Endemic. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda planctogramma Prout. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda abhadraca Walker. Indian Subregion, Sundaland. Upper montane.
Chrysocraspeda dysmothauma Prout. Sundaland
**. Lowland (swamp) forest.
Chrysocraspeda baderi Herbulot. Endemic. (Lowland and lower montane).
Chrysocraspeda plumbeofusa Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda pryeri sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda mitigata Walker. India, Burma, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda comptaria Swinhoe. Sundaland
**, Wallacea, New Guinea. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda lunulata Swinhoe. Sundaland
**. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda croceomarginata Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Chrysocraspeda remutans Prout. Endemic. Lower montane on limestone.
Chrysocraspeda convergens sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda deltalutea sp. n.. Sundaland
**, Java, Sulawesi. (Lowland forest).
Chrysocraspeda rubraspersa sp. n.. Endemic. Lowland (acid) forest.
Chrysocraspeda argentimacula sp. n.. Sundaland
**. (Lowland forest).
Bytharia uniformis Swinhoe. Sundaland, Wallacea. (Lowland to lower montane forest).
Cyclophora rotundata Warren. Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Cyclophora glomerata Warren. Borneo, Sulawesi, Seram, New Guinea.
Cyclophora frenaria Guenée. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland swamp forest).
Cyclophora scriptata Walker. Endemic. (Lowland).
Cyclophora heydena Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Borneo, Java.
Cyclophora posticamplum Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Sundaland
**. (Lower montane).
Cyclophora dimerites Prout. Borneo, New Guinea. Upper montane.
Cyclophora carsoni sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane.
Cyclophora lowi sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane.
Cyclophora flavissima Warren. Borneo, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Upper rnontane.
Cyclophora hirtipalpis Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Cyclophora intermixtaria Swinhoe. Himalaya, Taiwan, Sundaland
**. (Upper montane).
Cyclophora pepira Prout. Sundaland
Cyclophora indecisa Warren. Sundaland
**, Philippines, Seram, New Guinea. (Lower montane).
Cyclophora obstataria Walker. Indian Subregion to Queensland. (Lower montane).
Cyclophora imbuta Warren. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland
Cyclophora circummaculata Holloway. Sundaland
**. (Upper montane).
Zeugma recusataria Walker. Sundaland to Queensland and Solomons (?Lowland).
Mesotrophe alienaria Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Mesotrophe maximaria Guenée. Sundaland
*. (Lowland).
Mesotrophe intortaria Guenée. Oriental tropics. (Lowland, disturbed forest).
Mesotrophe impavida Prout. Sundaland
*. (Lowland).
Mesotrophe curtisi Prout. Sundaland
Perixera argyromma Warren. N. E. Himalaya, Borneo, New Guinea, Bismarcks. (Upper montane).
Perixera gaeta Swinhoe. Sundaland, Sulawesi. (Lowland forest).
Perixera argyrommoides sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland).
Perixera roseofusa Warren. Endemic. (Lowland).
Perixera ochraria Swinhoe. Sundaland
**. Lowland forest.
Perixera ochreofusa sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Perixera obliviaria Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Disturbed and secondary forest).
Perixera nesidica Prout. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Perixera thermosaria Walker. Oriental tropics. (Lowland).
Perixera perscripta Prout. N. E. Himalaya, Borneo, Sulawesi. (Upper montane).
Perixera decretarioides sp. n. Walker. N. E. Himalaya, Borneo. (Lowland).
Perixera javensis Warren. Sundaland, Sumbawa. (Lowland).
Perixera decretaria Walker. Sundaland
**. (Lowland forest).
Perixera illepidaria Guenée. Oriental tropics. (Lowland to upper montane).
Perixera pictimaculis Prout. Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland).
Perixera dotilla Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Sundaland
**, Sulawesi
Perixera pyrrhocrica Prout. Sundaland, Vietnam, S. China. (Lowland to upper montane).
Perixera ?flavispila Warren. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland).
Perixera monetaria Guenée. Oriental tropics. (Upper montane).
Perixera argentosa Prout. Oriental tropics. (Lowland).
Perixera flavirubra Warren. Sundaland, Sulawesi to Bismarcks and Queensland. (Montane).
Perixera confiniscripta Warren. Sundaland to New Guinea. (Lowland).
Perixera sabulosa Warren. Java. (Lowland to upper montane).
Perixera interpulsata Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Perixera arenosaria Moore. Oriental tropics and east to New Guinea. (Lowland / secondary forest).
Perixera absconditaria Walker. Oriental tropics. (Low to) upper montane.
Perixera niveopuncta Warren. Indo-Australian tropics, east into Pacific. (Lowland).
Perixera clandestina Prout. Oriental tropics. (Lowland).
Perixera melantroches Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Perixera contrariata Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Perixera jocosa Warren. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland (Lowland forest).
Perixera denticulata Hampson. N.E. Himalaya to New Guinea. (Upper montane).
Perixera sarawackaria Guenée. Indo-Australian tropics.
Perixera punctata Warren. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland) and lower montane forest on limestone.
Perixera dithyma Prout. Sundaland
*. (Lowland).


Organopoda ?acmaea Prout. Sundaland. (Lowland) and upper montane.
Organopoda acerbata Prout. Sundaland**.
Organopoda cnecosticta Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Organopoda perorbata Prout. Borneo, Bali. (Lowland heath forest).
Apostegania rectilineata Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland (alluvial) forest.
Symmacra solidaria Guenée. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland to lower montane).
Metallaxis semiustus Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Borneo. (Lowland forest on limestone).
Metallaxis amandae sp. n.. Endemic. (Lower montane).
Erythrolophus fascicorpus Swinhoe. N. E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland).


Ignobilia urnaria Guenée. Sundaland**, Palawan. (Lowland forest).
Zythos turbata Walker. Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland forest (to lower montane).
Zythos avellanea Prout. N. E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Zythos strigata Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland forest).
Zythos obliterata Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland forest, possibly a disturbance indicator).
Antitrygodes divisaria Walker. Oriental tropics. Lowland (to upper montane).
Antitrygodes pseudagrata sp. n.. Borneo, Philippines. (Lowland forest).
Problepsis plenorbis Prout. Sundaland. Lowland forest (to upper montane).
Problepsis apollinaria Guenée. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, including forest and cultivated areas.
Problepsis borneamagna sp. n.. Endemic. (Lower) to upper montane.
Problepsis delphiaria Guenée. India to Sundaland. (Lowland, disturbed habitats).
Problepsis achlyobathra Prout. Sundaland, Sulawesi. (Lowland forest).
Scopula inficita Walker. Lesser Sundas, Borneo, Philippines. (Lowland).
Scopula actuaria Walker. Oriental tropics. (Lowland).
Scopula usticinctaria Walker. Sundaland**. Lowland, lower (and upper) montane.
Scopula mecysma Swinhoe. Oriental tropics to New Guinea. (Lowland to lower montane forest).
Scopula opicata Fabricius. Old World tropics. (Lowland).
Scopula adeptaria Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Disturbed habitats in lowlands).
Scopula insolata Butler. N. E. Himalaya to Japan, Sundaland*. (Lowland and lower montane forest).
Scopula flavinsolata sp. n.. Endemic. Lowland forest (to lower montane).
Scopula annularia Swinhoe. Oriental tropics, Seram. (Lowland).
Scopula planidisca Bastelberger. Sundaland**. (Lowland forest).
Scopula pulchellata Fabricius. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland.
Scopula parodites Prout. Sundaland**. S. Burma. (Lowland forest).
Scopula pithogona Prout. Borneo, Java, Sulawesi. (Lowland forest on limestone).
Scopula brookesae Holloway. Endemic, Kinabalu only. (Upper montane).
Scopula ?albiflava Warren. N.E. Himalaya, ?Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Scopula coangulata Prout. N.E. Himalaya, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Scopula voluptaria Prout. Sundaland
**. Upper montane.
Scopula ?pallidiceps Warren. Java, Bali, Lombok, ?Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Scopula pauperata Prout. Endemic. Lowland (to upper montane).
Scopula leucopis Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Scopula quadratisparsa Holloway. Endemic, Kinabalu only. (Upper montane).
Scopula vacuata Guenée. Endemic. Lowland forest (to lower montane).
Scopula subdecorata Warren. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Scopula hyphenophora Warren. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland forest).
Scopula succrassula Prout. Philippines, Borneo. (Lowland ?secondary vegetation).
Scopula ?sybillaria Swinhoe. China, ?Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Scopula melinau sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest in limestone).
Scopula nesciaroides sp. n.. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Scopula asymmetrica sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland and lower montane forest).
Scopula phallarcuata sp. n.. Endemic. Lowland (and lower montane) forest.
Scopula deflavarioides sp. n.. Endemic. Lowland forest especially heath forest.
Scopula spp. Three additional species have been recorded, represented by females only.


Idaea mundaria Walker. Sundaland**. (Lowland and lower montane).
Idaea sundapilosata sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland heath forest, lower montane).
Idaea ptyonopoda Hampson. N. E. Himalaya to S. China, Borneo, Java. (Upper montane).
Idaea ?sakuraii Inoue. Japan, S. China, Borneo, Java. (Upper montane).
Idaea squamipunctata Warren. Java, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Idaea themeropis West. Philippines, Borneo. Upper montane.
Idaea damnata Walker. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Idaea renunciata Walker. Status unclear.
Idaea marcidaria Walker. Oriental tropics to Borneo, Philippines. (Lowland).
Idaea chotaria Swinhoe. Oriental tropics. (Lowland plantation).
Idaea semisericea Warren. Indian Subregion, Borneo, Java, Philippines. (Lowland).
Idaea phaeocrossa Prout. Sundaland
**. Lowland (heath) forest, including secondary forest, (lower montane forest).
Idaea vacillata Walker. Sundaland
**, N. E. Himalaya, Vietnam. Lowland forest.
Idaea craspedota Prout. N. E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland forest.
Idaea galsworthyi sp. n.. Endemic. (Montane).
Idaea violacea Hampson. India to S. China, Borneo, Java. (Lowland).
Idaea egenaria Walker. Sundaland
**, Taiwan, Wallacea, Seram. (Disturbed lowland forest).
Idaea assyria sp. n.. Sundaland
**, Sulawesi. (Lowland forest, incl. secondary and coastal).
Idaea carnearia Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland heath) and lower montane forest.
Idaea sp. A.. Borneo. (Lowland).
Idaea sp. B.. Borneo. (Lowland).
Lophophleps purpurea Hampson. Indian Subregion, Taiwan, Andamans, Sundaland
**, Sulawesi. Lowland forest.
Lophophleps triangularis Hampson. N. E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland to upper montane).
Lophophleps phoenicoptera Hampson. Indian Subregion, Sundaland. Lowland (to lower montane).


Goniopteroloba biconjuncta Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Goniopteroloba biconcava Prout. Endemic. (Lowland to lower montane).
Goniopteroloba solivaga Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Goniopteroloba sinuosa Warren. Sundaland
**. (Lower montane).
Goniopteroloba caeruleata sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane.
Goniopteroloba kerangaphila sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest, particularly heath forest).
Trichopterigia sanguinipunctata Warren. N. E. Himalaya to Taiwan, Borneo, Philippines. (Upper montane).
Brabira emerita Prout. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Tristeirometa bostryx Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Tristeirometa curvistriga Warren. Sundaland. (Montane).
Tristeirometa bathylima Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Tristeirometa mesogrammata Walker. Sundaland
**, Seram. (Lowland).
Hypocometa clauda Warren. Himalaya, Borneo, ?Flores. Upper montane.
Hypocometa definita Joicey & Talbot. New Guinea, S. Moluccas, Borneo (Montane).
Hypocometa titanis Prout. Endemic. Kinabalu summit zone.
Hypocometa leptomita Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Phthonoloba bracteola Holloway. Endemic, Upper montane.
Phthonoloba stigmatephora Prout. Endemic, Kinabalu only. Upper montane.
Phthonoloba caliginosa Holloway. Endemic, Kinabalu only (Radio Sabah zone).
Phthonoloba lutosa Holloway. Endemic, Upper montane.
Phthonoloba altissima Holloway. Endemic, Kinabalu only. Radio Sabah zone.
Dystypoptila triangularis Warren. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Tympanota erecta Warren. Borneo, Seram. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Tympanota ceramica Rothschild. Borneo, Sulawesi. S. Moluccas. Upper montane.
Tympanota arfakensis Joicey & Talbot. Sundaland
**, Philippines, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Tympanota patefacta Prout. Sundaland
**. (Upper montane).
Episteira vacuefacta Prout. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Episteira nigrifrons Warren. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lower to upper montane).
Episteira infirma Swinhoe. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Sauris eupitheciata Snellen. Indo-Australian tropics.
Sauris hirudinata Guenée. Sri Lanka, Ryukyu Is., Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Sauris curticornis Warren. Endemic. (Lowland).
Sauris contorta Warren. Sundaland
**. (Lowland, lower montane).
Sauris interruptata Moore. Oriental tropics, ?Moluccas and New Guinea. (Lowland, upper montane).
Sauris pallidiplaga Warren. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Sauris mesilauensis Holloway. Borneo, Sulawesi. (Upper montane).
Sauris denigrata Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland to lower montane).
Sauris auricula Warren. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Sauris inscissoides sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane.
Sauris inscissa Prout. India to Sundaland.
Sauris quassa Prout. Endemic, Upper montane.
Sauris usta Warren. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Sauris coalita Prout. Sundaland
**. (Upper montane).
[Sauris improspera Prout. N. E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Upper montane)].


Collix ghosha Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland).
Collix rufidorsata Prout. Borneo, Java, New Guinea, Bismarcks.
Collix griseipalpis Wileman. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Collix stenoplia Prout. Sundaland
**. (Lower and upper montane).
Collix blosyra Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Collix mesopora Prout. Borneo, Wallacea. Upper montane.
Collix intrepida Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Collix sp. 18718. Borneo. (Lowland).
Pseudocollix hyperythra Hampson. Oriental tropics. Upper montane zone on G. Kinabalu.
Scintillithex glaucisparsa Prout. Sundaland
**. (Upper montane).
Carbia calescens Walker. Sundaland* (Lowland).
Carbia moderescens sp. n.. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Carbia calefacta Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Carbia brunnefacta sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland).
Carbia nexilinea Warren. N.E. Himalaya, Andamans, Borneo. (Lowland).
Carbia moderata Walker. Sundaland
**. Lowland, (montane).
Carbia pulchrilinea Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lower to upper montane).
Pomasia vernacularia Guenée. Endemic
**. (Lowland, upper montane).
Pomasia salutaris Prout. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Pomasia sacculobata sp. n.. Sundaland
**. Upper montane.
Pomasia reticulata Hampson. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Pomasia gelastis Meyrick. Borneo, N.E. Himalaya. (Lowland to lower montane).
Pomasia lamunin sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland to upper montane).
Pomasia lacunaria sp. n.. Sundaland
**. (Lowland, upper montane).
Pomasia luteata sp. n.. Sundaland
**. (Lowland to upper montane).
Pomasia nuriae sp. n.. Sundaland
**? (Lowland).
Pomasia euryopis Meyrick. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Pomasia obliterata Walker. Sundaland. Lowland.
Ziridava xylinaria Walker. Sundaland* to Queensland and New Caledonia. Lowland (to upper montane).
Ziridava kanshireiensis Prout. Taiwan, Philippines, Sundaland
**. (Lower montane).
Ziridava rufinigra Swinhoe. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland).
Ziridava asterota Prout. Endemic.
Chrysoclystis morbosa Prout. Sundaland. Lowland.
Eupithecia mundiscripta Warren. Sundaland to New Guinea. (Lower to) upper montane.
Eupithecia kamburonga Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Eupithecia tabidaria Inoue. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Borneo. (Upper montane).
Eupithecia melanolopha Swinhoe. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Upper montane.
Eupithecia costalis Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland to lower montane, possibly in open habitats).
Eupithecia rigida Swinhoe. Old World tropics. (Upper montane).
Eupithecia delozona Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Eupithystis infuscata Warren. Sundaland
*. (Lowland).
Mnesiloba dentifascia Hampson. Oriental tropics. (Upper montane).
Mnesiloba intentata Walker. Sundaland, Philippines, New Guinea. (Lowland).
Chloroclystis semiscripta Warren. Sundaland
**, Sulawesi, New Guinea. Lower and upper montane.
Chloroclystis obturgescens Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Chloroclystis rubroviridis Warren. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Upper montane.
Ardonis filicata Swinhoe. N.E. Himalaya to New Guinea. (Upper montane).
Pasiphila rubrifusa Warren. Sundaland
**. Upper montane.
Pasiphila chlorocampsis Prout. Sundaland
**. (Upper montane) to Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Pasiphila palpata Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Pasiphila subpalpata Prout. Sundaland
**, Philippines. Upper montane.
Pasiphila coelica Prout. Endemic. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Pasiphila sayata Holloway. Endemic. Kinabalu summit zone.
Pasiphila luteata Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane and Radio Sabah zones on G. Kinabalu.
Pasiphila eurystalides Prout. Endemic. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Pasiphila rufogrisea Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Tripteridia subcomosa Warren. Borneo. S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Upper montane.
Tripteridia dinosia Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Tripteridia latistriga Warren. Borneo, New Guinea. (Upper montane and Radio Sabah zones on G. Kinabalu).
Tripteridia fletcheri Holloway. Borneo, ?New Guinea. Upper montane zone on G. Kinabalu.
Syncosmia dissographa Prout. Sundaland, Sulawesi. (Lower montane, cultivated area).
Syncosmia xanthocomes Prout. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Upper montane.
Syncosmia eurymesa Prout. Endemic. Upper montane and Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Syncosmia layanga Holloway. Endemic. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Syncosmia discisuffusa Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane and Radio Sabah zones on G. Kinabalu.
Celaenaclystis celaenacris Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Celaenaclystis telygeta Prout. Endemic. (Lower montane).
Axinoptera turgidata Walker. Sundaland**. (Lowland).
Axinoptera penataran sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane, Kinabalu only.
Axinoptera orphnobathra Prout. Sundaland**. (Lowland).
Axinoptera ruficosta sp. n.. Endemic. (Lower and upper montane).
Axinoptera infusata Walker. Endemic. (?Lowland).
Bosara dilatata Walker. Sundaland**, Sulawesi, New Guinea, ?Queensland. (Lowland).
Bosara reductata sp. n.. ?Sundaland**. Upper montane.
Bosara emarginaria Hampson. Indian Subregion, S. China, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Bosara festivata Warren. Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, Seram. (Lower montane).
Bosara bursacristata sp. n.. Endemic. (Lower montane and upper montane).
Bosara bursalobata sp. n.. Borneo, Bali. Upper montane.
Bosara longipecten sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane.
Bosara brevipecten sp. n.. Borneo, Seram. (Upper montane).
Bosara refusaria Walker. Borneo, Bali, Philippines. (Lowland).
Casuariclystis latifascia Walker. Old World tropics. (Lowland, lower montane).
Glaucoclystis polyclealis Walker. Sri Lanka, Sundaland. (Lowland).
Glaucoclystis griseorufa Hampson. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland**. (Lowland, lower montane).
Glaucoclystis sinuosoides sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Glaucoclystis polyodonta Swinhoe. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland), lower montane, (upper montane).
Eriopithex lanaris Warren. Indo-Australian tropics. (Upper montane).
Eriopithex recensitaria Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland), upper montane.
Gymnoscelis fasciata Hampson. Oriental tropics. (lower montane, ?cultivation).
Gymnoscelis prouti sp. n.. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Upper montane.
Gymnoscelis derogata Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Upper montane).
Gymnoscelis pseudotibialis sp. n.. Sundaland**. (Montane).
Gymnoscelis celebensis Prout. Borneo, Sulawesi, Seram. (Lowland).
Gymnoscelis latipennis Prout. Sundaland**. (Lowland, lower montane).
Gymnoscelis albicaudata Warren. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, Philippines. (Upper montane).
Gymnoscelis merochyta Prout. Sundaland**. (Upper montane).
Gymnoscelis phoenicopus Prout. Sundaland**, Sulawesi, Seram. (Lower and upper montane).
Gymnoscelis transapicalis Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane, Kinabalu only). 
Gymnoscelis semialbida
Walker. Oriental tropics. (?Lowland).
Gymnoscelis confusata Walker. Sundaland**, ?India. (Lowland to upper montane).
Gymnoscelis imparatalis Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland to lower montane).
Calluga costalis Moore. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland, montane).
Calluga punctinervis Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Spiralisigna minutissima Swinhoe. Sumbawa, Bali, Borneo, Philippines. (Lowland, ?mangrove).
Pasiphilodes subtrita
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics, Seychelles, Aldabra. (?Coastal).
Micrulia medioplaga Swinhoe. Oriental tropics. Lowland, (lower montane).
Micrulia catocalaria Snellen. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland) to montane.
Micrulia subzebrina sp. n.. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Onagrodes victoria Prout. S. Burma, Borneo. (Lowland forest).
Onagrodes oosyndica Prout. Sundaland, Sulawesi. (Upper montane).
Onagrodes eucineta Prout. Sundaland**. (Upper montane).
Mariaba convoluta Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Burma, Borneo. (Lowland to upper montane).
Hybridoneura abnormis Warren. Oriental tropics. (Lowland to upper montane).
Hybridoneura picta Warren. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland, upper montane).
Symmimetis muscosa Turner. Borneo, ?Bali, New Guinea, Queensland. (Lowland forest).
Symmimetis heveli sp. n.. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland**. Lowland, upper montane.
Symmimetis kolopis sp. n.. Endemic. Upper montane.
Antimimistis attenuata Moore. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland to upper montane).
Poecilasthena character Prout. Sundaland. Upper montane to Radio Sabah zone.
Poecilasthena nubivaga Prout. Endemic. Kinabalu summit zone.
Parasthena flexilinea Warren. Borneo, Wallacea. (Upper montane).
Eois phaneroscia Prout. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Eois mixosemia Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Eois memorata Walker. Indian Subregion to Sundaland. (Lowland, disturbed forest).
Eois obliviosa sp. n.. Endemic. Lowland to lower montane forest.
Eois pallidula Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Eois ephyrata Walker. Endemic. (Lowland forest on limestone).
Eois sundasimilis sp. n.. Sundaland**. (Lowland forest)
Eois willotti sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Eois versata Walker. Borneo, Mentawi. (Lower montane).
Eois plumbacea Warren. Borneo, Mentawi. (Lowerland, (upper montane).
Eois grataria Walker. Indian Subregion, Sundaland, Christmas I. (Lowland, plantation).
Eois discata Warren. Sundaland. Lowland forest, including secondary.
Polynesia curtitibia Prout. N.E. Himalaya, Thailand, Borneo. (Lowland, upper montane).
Pseudopolynesia amplificata Walker. Sundaland**, Philippines. Lowland forest, (upper montane).


Xanthorhoe mesilauensis Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane on G. Kinabalu.
Xanthorhoe liwagu sp. n.. Endemic. (Upper montane on G. Kinabalu).
Visiana sordidata Moore. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, Lesser Sundas. (Lowland, secondary forest).
Gonanticlea aversa Swinhoe. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Gonanticlea occlusata Felder & Rogenhofer. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Gonanticlea amplior Thierry-Mieg. Sundaland. (Upper montane).


Ecliptopera rectilinea Warren. Oriental tropics to Sulawesi and Sumbawa. Lowland to upper montane.
Ecliptopera zaes Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane on G. Kinabalu).
Ecliptopera furvoides Thierry-Mieg. Endemic. Upper montane to Radio Sabah zone on G. Kinabalu.
Dysstroma pendleburyi Prout. Endemic. Upper montane to Radio Sabah zone on G Kinabalu.
Lampropteryx moroessa Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane zone on G Kinabalu).

LARENTIINAE: unplaced genera (10 species)

Papuarisme murudensis Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Papuarisme lagadani sp. n.. Endemic. Kinabalu Radio Sabah zone.
Papuarisme maerens Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Papuarisme submontana Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Scotocyma asiatica sp. n.. Borneo, Sulawesi. (Upper montane).
Matanga rubicunda Swinhoe. Sundaland. (Lower montane).
Acolutha pictaria Moore. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland (to upper montane).
Acolutha flavipictaria Prout. Indian Subregion, Borneo. (Upper montane).
Acolutha flavivitta Holloway. Sundaland**. (Upper montane).
Acolutha albipunctata Holloway. Sundaland**. Upper montane to Radio Sabah zone on G Kinabalu.

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