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Scopula sp. ?albiflava Warren
Ptychopoda albiflava Warren, 1896, Novit. zool., 3: 313.

Scopula sp. ?albiflava
(x 1.16)

Diagnosis. This is a very small species with whitish wings traversed by pale ochreous fawn fasciae, that just basal to the hindwing discal spot being broad, as is the rather broken but marginal lying just distal to the fine postmedial.

Taxonomic notes. The unique holotype of albiflava is female and all Bornean material is male, hence a genitalic confirmation of this identification is not possible. The facies match is moderate, though Bornean material lacks the light scattering of black scales seen in the holotype.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya; ?Borneo.

Habitat preference. All three specimens were taken in lowland forest during the Mulu survey, two in hill dipterocarp forest at 150m and 200m on G. Mulu, one at 250m on the limestone G. Api.

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