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Bosara brevipecten sp. n.

Bosara brevipecten
(Seram) (x 1.16)

Bosara brevipecten
(holotype) (x 1.16)

7mm. The course of the fasciation on both wings is much as in longipecten, but the fasciae are more angular, entire, less punctate. Males (slides 12651, 12666) tentatively associated with females (slides 12664, 12669) from Seram with similar genitalia to the Bornean female have the costal zone of the forewing strongly modified: it is folded at the edge, but posterior to this above there is a longitudinal declivity full of longer, beige-coloured scales, formed from expansion of the zone anterior to the radial stem in the cell and beyond. The genitalia are similar to those of longipecten, but the comb of spines is short, central, with eight or so teeth, and there are distinctive zones of fine crinkling of the bursa wall. The genitalia of the Seram males have the broad basal part of the valve much shorter than in longipecten, and the tapering distal part is thus relatively longer.

Holotype . SABAH: Mt Kinabalu, 5500ft, 17-19.1.1976. (E. W. Classey), BM geometrid slide 19008.

Geographical range. Borneo; Seram.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimen is from montane forest. The series from Seram is from a similar altitude.

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