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Perixera pictimaculis Prout comb. n. 
Anisodes pictimaculis Prout, 1929, Novit. zool., 35: 63.

Perixera pictimaculis

Diagnosis. This is one of two small, rather narrow-winged pinkish species where the discal spots are orange with darker borders, though this feature is found in some of the somewhat larger pink species, treated next. The other is P. confiniscripta Warren  and has the postmedial dots on M2 somewhat enlarged and displaced more basad than in pictimaculis.

Taxonomic notes. There are coremata on both the fourth sternite and basal to the genitalia. The aedeagus apex is convolute. The uncus is broad, shallow, rugose. The saccular process of the valve is an elongate, toothed rod, distinct from the main lamina.

Geographical range. Java, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines (Mindanao).

Habitat preference. No recently collected material has been seen. Old material is from Sandakan on the east coast of Sabah and from Bidi in Sarawak.

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