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Phthonoloba altissima Holloway  
Phthonoloba altissima Holloway, 1976: 72.

Phthonoloba altissima

Phthonoloba altissima

Phthonoloba altissima

The fasciation of the forewing is much finer, better defined in comparison with congeners, and the finely linear discal mark tends to be more conspicuous. Fasciation over the basal part of the wing tends to be paler, and also in a narrow medial zone, though the species is variable in the colour of the lighter fasciae (grey to pale rufous) and in the intensity of the darker ones.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. Described from G. Kinabalu, the species has a wide altitude range there from 1930m to 3750m.

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