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Perixera jocosa Warren comb. n. 
Platisodes jocosa Warren 1896, Novit. zool., 3: 114.

Perixera jocosa

This species shares with the next four a very short male hind-tibia with a basal tuft of hair and three spurs close together, placed by Prout (1938, Gross Schmett. Erde 12: 165-182) in his Brachycola section, but it differs in facies markedly. The ground colour is pale yellow, speckled uniformly with dull orange. The postmedials are blackish, dentate, and there is a distinctive array of black spots submarginally: a central pair flanked widely by two single dots, with an extra pair on the hindwing at the tornus. The forewing discal spot is a black dot, that of the hindwing a larger black ring.

Taxonomic notes. P. glycydora Turner comb. n. & stat. rev. (= clara Prout syn. n.; Seram, New Guinea, Queensland, Bismarcks) and P. thysanopoda Prout comb. & stat. n. (=fimbripedata Warren, praeocc; Solomons) have distinct male genitalia and represent good species. The group (referable to Platisodes) has rather unusual naked coremata on the fourth sternite, and a spine on the eighth sternite in the male abdomen but otherwise it lacks the generic features. The hind-leg is normal, but the mid-tibia and tarsi have scale tufts. The ornamentation of the valves is mainly saccular rather than costal.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland.

Habitat preference. Only two specimens have been taken in recent surveys, both from lowland dipterocarp forest (G. Mulu and Ulu Temburong).

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