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Bosara emarginaria Hampson comb. n.
Eupithecia emarginaria Hampson, 1893, Illustr. typical Specimens Lep. Hist. Colln Br. Mus.,
Gullaca exilis Bastelberger, 1905, Ent. Zeit. Guben., 19: 5, Synonymy not checked.

Bosara emarginaria
(x 1.16)

Diagnosis. The species resembles a larger, greyer (Borneo), more strongly marked version of dilatata.

Taxonomic notes. The facies and genitalic features are consistent with the definition of Bosara above. The genitalia of a unique male from Hong Kong are illustrated.

Geographical range. Sri Lanka, ?N.E. Himalaya (exilis), Hong Kong, Borneo.

Habitat preference.
A single female was taken on the canopy tower in lowland dipterocarp forest (170m approx) near the Danum Valley Field Centre.

Biology. Bell (MS) reared a species in S. India identified as emarginaria on his typescript. The host-plant was Breynia (Euphorbiaceae), but vouchers have not been located to confirm the identity.

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