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Scopula pithogona Prout
Scopula pithogona Prout, 1938, Gross-Schmett. Erde, 12: 198.

Scopula pithogona
(x 1.16)

Diagnosis. The ground colour is whitish, the fasciae pale fawn rather linear, the fawn colour also broadly suffusing the region of the forewing cell. The postmedials are finer, more crisply delineated, that of the forewing with a conspicuous black dot at its subcostal angle.

Taxonomic notes. The Sri Lankan S. ferruginea Hampson has similar facies features but darker, and is probably the sister-species.

Geographical range. Java, Borneo, Sulawesi

Habitat preference. Only two Bornean specimens have been taken, both in dipterocarp forest on the lower slopes of the limestone G. Api (250m, 270m) near the western end of the Melinau Gorge, G. Mulu National Park.

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