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Eriopithex recensitaria Walker comb. n.  
Eupithecia recensitaria Walker, 1862, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 24: 1244.

Eriopithex recensitaria
(x 1.47)

Diagnosis. The species is a deeper, more uniform, browner colour than lanaris, but with similar fasciation, though only the postmedials are in any way conspicuous. Dissection of the genitalia is recommended to confirm identity.

Taxonomic notes. Specimens from Queensland in BMNH have genitalia as in recensitaria. They are attributed to pausillula Turner but cannot be associated with certainty to the type of this species (ANIC, photographed but not dissected) which is somewhat worn. As indicated in the generic account, this species is combined only tentatively with Eriopithex. The male has valves with an unusual central expansion, and the aedeagus has a row of numerous cornuti. The saccus lacks a longitudinal bar. In the female the ductus is longer and the bursa is more substantial, elongate and generally finely spined as well as with floccular thickening. The ductus is shorter, but the ductus seminalis arises from the bursa relatively distally as in lanaris.

Geographical range. Sri Lanka, ?Taiwan, Borneo, Queensland.

Habitat preference. Numerous specimens were taken in upper montane forest (around 1780m) during the Mulu survey, but singletons have been taken on G. Kinabalu and Bukit Pagon. There is also a single female (the one illustrated) from secondary and coastal forest at Mumong in Brunei.

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