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Pasiphila chlorocampsis Prout comb. n.
Rhinoprora chlorocampsis Prout, 1926, Sarawak Mus. J., 3:185.
Chloroclystis chlorocampsis Prout; Holloway, 1976: 68.

Pasiphila chlorocampsis
(x 1.33)

Pasiphila chlorocampsis
(x 1.33)

Diagnosis. The labial palps are long and slender, darkish brown as in coelica Prout and sayata Holloway, but there are distinctive facies features of the wings: the fasciae within the forewing medial zone are finely and clearly defined, often with paler areas present; the discal spot is weak; the pale band distal to the postmedial is regularly and obtusely angled centrally, and the marginal pale area distal to its angle, when not obscured, is asymmetrically triangular. The hindwing on both surfaces has four distinct darker grey fasciae on medium grey, only the outer one (postmedial) being angled.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat preference. Though described from G. Murud in Sarawak, the species is rare on Bornean mountains except for G. Kinabalu where it ranges from 2110m to 3150m, being commonest at 2600m. On G. Mulu it was taken once at 1780m and twice at 2360m.

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