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Hypocometa titanis Prout
Phthonoloba titanis Prout, 1925, Novit. zool., 32: 43.
Phthonoloba titanis incipiens Prout, 1932c: 72.
Hypocometa titanis Prout; Holloway, 1976: 71.

Hypocometa titanis

This and the next species are a brighter green in the forewing than the previous two, the fasciae black, of irregular, occasionally punctate intensity, with the discal spot a prominent black lunule or ellipse. The hindwing discal lunule is also more prominent. H. titanis has the fasciation more continuous, less broken than in H. leptomita Prout and the hindwings are more strongly fasciated and shaded brown on straw as distinct from a clear, pale yellow that is only lightly fasciated. The underside is similarly more strongly marked.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is only known from higher altitudes on G. Kinabalu. It ranges from 1930m to the summit zone at 3750m where it is one of four members of a distinct summit association of species (Holloway, 1970). Two of the other three are also larentiines (Parasthena Warren Gen.rev., Pasiphila Meyrick), the fourth being the noctuid Diarsia barlowi Holloway.

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