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Undetermined species
A number of further species are represented by limited material as follows:

Idaea sp. A. (slides 17802, 18502; )

Idaea sp. A.
(x 1.16)

These two males (7mm) resemble smaller, greyer more strongly marked versions of sakuraii. However, the genitalia are characterised by an unusual flanged and irregular costal margin to the valve. The setae at the apex of the gnathus are robust. The aedeagus has no cornuti: the two small spines displaced to the base of the right valve in the photograph may be associated with the anellus, homologous with those of sakuraii. There is a well-developed pouch on the second abdominal sternite. One is from Semengok, a lowland locality near Kuching, and the other is from wet heath forest (kerangas) near the Melinau Gorge, taken during the Mulu survey.

Idaea sp. B. (slide 18535; )

Idaea sp. B.
(x 1.16)

A female (8mm), medium grey with diffuse fasciation and small blackish discal spots, has unusual genitalia with a strong appendix bursae consisting of a large, narrow tube with a small spherical diverticulum subapically. The bursa itself is approximately the same length, elongate, slightly constricted centrally and with a basal zone of scobination. The specimen was taken at about 600m on G. Trus Madi in Sabah.

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