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Scopula mecysma Swinhoe
Dithalma mecysma Swinhoe, 1894 Trans. ent. Soc. Lond., 1894: 179.
Scopula mecysma mesites Prout, 1935, Novit. zool., 39: 227.

Scopula mecysma (x 1.16)

Diagnosis. The facies is atypical of the genus with fine, straight, almost black fasciae traversing a dark grey ground.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Thailand; Borneo, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, New Guinea (ssp. mesites).

Habitat preference. The species is rare, with only four specimens taken in recent surveys, two from lowland forest (Ulu Temburong in Brunei and at the Danum Valley Field Centre and Poring Hot Springs in Sabah) and one from 1500m on the Mesilau Plateau of G. Kinabalu when still under forest cover.

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