Plate 9
Larvae and resting adults of Limacodidae

Chalcocelis albiguttatus (top) and Birthamoides circinatus (bottom) on coconut in the Philippines (M.J.W.Cock)

Susia malayana intermediate instar in the Philippines (M.J.W Cock)

Setothosea asigna in Peninsular Malaysia (P.A.C. Ooi) Thosea vetusta on oil palm in Peninsular Malaysia (M.J. W Cock)

Darna trima ajavana on oil palm in Peninsular Malaysia (M.J.W Cock) Darna (Ploneta) diducta in Peninsular Malaysia (P.A.C. Ooi)

Pseudonirmides sola in the Philippines
(M.J.W. Cock)
'Thosea' obliquistriga in Hong Kong, showing adult resting posture (M.J. Bascombe)
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