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Pseudoscaptia rothschildi Draudt
Scaptosyle bicolor Rothschild, 1912, Novit. zool., 19: 24, praeocc.
Scaptesyle rothschildi Draudt, 1914, Gross-Schmett. Erde, 10:181.

Pseudoscaptia rothschildi
(x 1.32)

The species resembles those of Scaptesyle (see Scaptesyle Walker), but the forewings are narrower, the yellow duller, and the reddish tinge to the black borders is obscure. 

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Java.

Habitat preference. Most records are from lowland forest, including secondary forest, but the species is generally rare. One specimen was taken at 1670m on Bukit Pagon in Brunei.

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