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Pseudoscaptia Hampson

Type species: bicolor Rothschild (= rothschildi Draudt).

This genus is monobasic, the only species resembling yellow members of the Scaptesyle complex (see Byrsia Walker). The resemblance is superficial, however (Holloway, 1982). The forewings are narrower, and have only three veins (cf. four or five; possibly M3 and CuA1 of the stalked Lithosiini configuration have become fused) arising from the cell posterior to the radial sector branching system.

The male genitalia lack the features that define the Garudinia generic complex to which Scaptesyle and allies belong. The saccus is squarish, distally slightly concave. The valves have a well developed saccular section that shows bilateral asymmetry, the two characteristic interiorly directed spiny lobes being larger on the right valve. The aedeagus vesica is generally globular, with numerous short diverticula, some of which are scobinate.

The female bursa is rather rectangular, set asymmetrically on a short ductus, and containing a basal area of light sclerotisation and a single, distal, scobinate signum.

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