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Scaptesyle Walker

Type species: tricolor Walker, Bangladesh (Fig 6i).

Fig 6i: Scaptesyle tricolor Walker

Scaptesyle was redefined in a strict sense by Holloway (1984b) who recommended that all species currently included that do not fit this definition be held temporarily in Chiriphe Walker (type species monogrammaria Walker, Australia), though this was not followed by Nielsen et al. (1996).

The species have typical facies on a yellow ground, the inner border to the forewing marginal zone with a single or double indentation. The genus is defined on characters of the male genitalia (Holloway, 1984b): there is a fan of setae on each side of the base of the uncus, which is slightly swollen; there are similar setae on lateral lobes of the tegumen.

The genus as strictly defined is almost entirely Oriental, extending to Sulawesi and the Philippines, though there is one rare outlying species in New Guinea, S. postnigra Rothschild. The species are day-flying, except for aurigena Walker and its relative, described below; these species are misplaced in Scaptesyle, but no better placement could be found.

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