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Cyclosodes flavicostata Hampson 
Cyclosodes flavicostata Hampson, 1901, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7), 8:184.

Cyclosodes flavicostata
(x 1.73)

See the generic description.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype female was taken in Kuching in the lowlands of Sarawak, and three other females have been taken since in the lowlands, two near the Danum Valley Field Centre in Sabah, and one in dipterocarp forest on the lower slopes of G. Mulu. Four slightly larger specimens were taken during the Mulu survey, all from montane forest: at 1000m on G. Mulu and at 900m (2) and 1500m on the limestone G. Api. No obvious differences were detected between the genitalia of lowland and montane females. Three of the four montane specimens were male.

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