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Omiosia Hampson

Type species: fusipennana Walker, Borneo.

Omiosia is another monobasic genus endemic to Borneo. It is only known from the male. The wings are strikingly modified, the forewing with the costal margin obtusely angled where the subcosta meets it (Fig 6f), and with the dorsal margin also strongly convex, with an elliptical black patch of denser scaling within the convexity. On the underside there appear to be rather narrow scales in the position of this black patch. The hindwing is also modified, triangular, weakly bilobed at the distal margin, one lobe being the slightly produced tornus. There is an elliptical zone of rather pale grey narrow scales in the centre of the upperside of the wing (Fig 60.)

Fig 6f: Omiosia fusipennana Walker

The abdomen and genitalia are typical of the complex, though the aedeagus vesica has a large, slender cornutus.

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