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Cyclosodes Hampson

Type species: flavicostata Hampson, Borneo.

This genus contains one species endemic to Borneo. The forewings are narrow, rather ovate, a pale brown. The hindwings have a greater area, particularly in the male, and are dark grey. They are expanded considerably in the costal area to underlap the forewing and enable large, oval androconia on each to interact. The forewing cell is displaced posteriorly, with an expansion of the area supported by the radial sector veins. The anal area of the hindwing is also expanded, and there is a lens-shaped androconial pocket dorsally between CuA and the first anal vein. The apex of the hindwing is weakly bilobed. The venation of the female is more normal, but the forewing cell is still relatively distant from the costa.

The male genitalia and abdomen are typical of the generic complex, as are those of the female. In the latter the ductus is narrow and the bursa roughly spherical, containing an area of dense spining over its dorsal half that abruptly terminates at a sharp but irregular boundary more or less centrally.

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