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Rhypotoses biformis Holloway comb. n
Aroa biformis Holloway, 1976: 51.
Aroa biformis f. lutea Holloway, 1976: 51.

Rhypotoses biformis

Rhypotoses biformis
(paratype, f. lutea)

The species occurs in two forms. One has a white ground, the other a pale dull yellow ground. The dark brown markings are similar to those of barlowi, but with more basal shading on the forewing and a broader dark brown costal margin to the hindwing. The species is also much larger, with a more acute forewing apex.

Taxonomic notes. The species was originally described in Aroa because of its superficial resemblance to Aroa cometaris Butler from the Solomons. The male genitalia and venation are typical of Rhypotoses, the valves being of the quadrilateral type, though lacking a lobe at the saccular angle. A. cometaris is also misplaced in Aroa, being an orgyiine of the Orgyia generic complex (See Orgyiini)

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. All records are from G. Kinabalu over an altitude range of 1200m to 1660m.

Biology. The species is day-flying.

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