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Erizada lichenaria Walker stat. rev.
Erizada lichenaria Walker, 1865, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 32: 507.
Rhizana metarhoda Walker, 1865, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 33: 720.
Tinosoma hyperythrum Hampson, 1894, Fauna Br. India, Moths, 2: 426.
Erizada semifervens ab. maculata Strand, 1917, Arch. Naturgesch., 82 (A1): 91.
Erizada semifervens ab.
punctata Strand, 1917, Arch. Naturgesch., 82 (A1): 91.
Erizada semifervens maculata Gaede and punctata Gaede, 1938, Gross-Schmett. Erde, 11: 443.
Erizada semifervens Walker sensu Kobes, 1997: 57.


Erizada lichenaria

The forewings are narrower than in Beara species, browner in tint, with a diagnostic oblique brown line cutting off the forewing apex. The hindwings are also rather narrow, and the male abdomen extends well beyond them.

Taxonomic note. The taxa listed above were placed (e.g. Poole, 1989; Kobes, 1997) as synonyms of Didiguides semifervens Walker erroneously, hence lichenaria is revived here as senior objective synonym.

Geographical range. Indian Subregion to Sundaland, Palawan (ZMUC).

Habitat preference. The species is infrequent in lowland forest, with no specimens taken above 450m.

Biology. Kuroko & Lewvanich (1993) illustrated the larva and cocoon in Thailand. The larva is a dull, variegated greyish green with long white primary setae arising from white dots (pinacula) that ring each segment. Each dot has a black surround, itself surrounded by paler green that coalesces with that of neighbouring dots. There is a subdorsal pair of reddish dome-like tubercles on A2 and a similarly located pair of smaller white pimples on A1. There is a squarish white patch dorsally just posterior to the primary setal area of A6 and a subdorsal pair of small dark protruberances on A8.

The cocoon is of the typical boat shape, bearing some resemblance to a citrus pip.

The host-plants were Durio (Bombacaceae), also recorded by Yunus & Ho (1980) for Malaysia, and Nephelium (Sapindaceae).

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