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Erizada Walker

Type species: lichenaria Walker, Java.

Rhizana Walker (type species metarhoda Walker, Java); Tinosoma Hampson (type species hyperythrum Hampson, India, Andamans, Borneo).

The wings are generally more elongate, narrower, compared with Beara, the forewing apex slightly falcate. The colour is a richer, deeper brown.

The male genitalia are characterised by a long, apically narrow and ampullate saccus, flanked by coremata where the scales have become massive, blade-like as illustrated (Fig 526). In the female the ductus and balloon-like bursa are flimsy, the latter with an even more flimsy appendix bursae.


Apart from the type species, the genus also includes
E. sula Hampson from Sulawesi and the Sula Is.

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