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Gelastocera Butler

Type species: exusta Butler, Japan.

The forewings are brown, transversely fasciated as described below, and without any distinctive modification to their shape. The valves of the male genitalia broaden distally. The aedeagus vesica is undivided, with one or two clusters of short spines.

The female genitalia (exusta) have a colliculum at the base of the ductus that leads into a thickened area with a strong lobe on one side. From this a slender neck leads into an immaculate, pyriform bursa.

Sugi (1987) stated that the type species and a relative feed on a wide range of arboreal hosts in Japan; the larva illustrated is black with an irregular series of large, pale yellow dorsal patches. The primary setae are long, white, and set on small tubercles.

The range of the genus is from the Himalaya to temperate east Asia and Sundaland.

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