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Macaldenia Moore

Type species: palumba Guenée, Java.

Synonyms: Parallelura Berio (type species palumbioides Hampson, Africa); Pasipeda Moore (type species palumba) praeocc.

Both included species, one African, one Indo-Australian, have facies as described below; the row of white lunules on the hindwing is the clearest diagnostic feature for the genus (Holloway & Miller, 2003). The male genitalia share features such as a single corema to each valve, and a broad costal process linked by thickening to a small knob in the position of the saccular process. Otherwise, the two species are very different. The female genitalia have only a shallow antevaginal plate, and the ductus and corpus bursae are small.

The larva of the type species is described below and appears to be confined to Rutaceae. The pupa has a powdery bloom.

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