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Anisoneura Guenée

Type species: salebrosa Guenée, Bangladesh.

The species are large to very large and robust, with a strongly bark-like patterning on the wings, oblique on the forewings and parallel to the margins or straight on the hindwings. These fasciae consist of a series of irregularly undulating, fine, blackish lines, sometimes lined narrowly with ochreous yellowbrown that separate, broader, mainly dark indigo bands on a general ground of dark brown. There are sometimes paler spots in the forewing discal area and a pale patch centrally at three-quarters on the forewing. Males can have a longitudinally banded effect over the central sector of the hindwing caused by scale modification. The antennae are long, those of the male strongly ciliate. The labial palps are of the typical catocaline form.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment unmodified apart from slight curvature to the distal margin of the tergite. The genitalia show bilateral asymmetry in the tegumen and the valves. The former tends to be broader, sometimes with a process on the left side. The latter have costal and saccular processes, and these become dominant in the larger species to give the valves a bifid structure. The aedeagus is slender, with marked flexure; the vesica is moderately convolute and scobinate.

In the female of the type species, the ostium is set deep within the complex of the distal part of the reduced seventh sternite. The ductus has a barrel-like basal section and a sharply narrower distal section, the latter leading into a moderately elongate and slightly pyriform corpus bursae. This has small, slightly coiled appendix bursae at its base, leading into the ductus seminalis.

The genus consists (Poole, 1989) of the two species described below and
A. zeuzeroides Guenée (Moluccas, New Guinea), A. inermis Tams (Thailand, N.E. Himalaya) and A. depressa Hulstaert (Kei Is.). The status of the last needs investigation.

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