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Argyrogramma Hübner

Type species: omega Hubner, junior objective synonym of verruca Fabricius, a New World species.

The generic type species shares with A. signata Fabricius, recorded from Borneo below, the following characters of the male abdomen and genitalia: there are lateral zones of scales on tergite 7; there is a distinctive plate of fused scales associated with the eighth tergite; the eighth sternite has coremata associated with two narrow, dark bands of sclerotisation; the saccus is large, broad; the aedeagus vesica is shorter than the aedeagus with a single, terminal, blade-like cornutus.

The lateral zones of scales on tergite 7 support the association by Ichinose (1973) of Argyrogramma with Ctenoplusia/Acanthoplusia as they are found in the tarassota Hampson/sigillata Dufay group discussed below, though not in C. albostriata Bremer & Grey.

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