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Chrysodeixis diehli Dufay  
Chrysodeixis diehli
Dufay, 1982: 71.

Chrysodeixis diehli

Diagnosis. The forewings are a pale, satiny, buff-grey; the slightly paler basal zone with an oblique distal boundary made up of the anterior line from the metallic mark and the posterior part of the postmedial is distinctive. C. nesiostes Dufay (Sumatra, Sulawesi) is very similar externally and best distinguished by the deeper valves and shorter, more numerous vesica cornuti in the male genitalia (see illustrations in Dufay (1982)).

Taxonomic note. The corematous pouch of the male eighth sternite is small as in C. acuta, C. dinawa Bethune-Baker (New Guinea) and C. kebeana Bethune-Baker (New Guinea). In all these species the harpe of the male genitalia has been lost but the clavus is generally present.

Geographical range. Throughout Sundaland.

Habitat preference. See Chrysodeixis minutoides sp. n.

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