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Platyprosopa Warren

Type species: nigrostrigata Bethune-Baker.

This is a monobasic genus that has features of the male (single, tapering valve apex; weak, exterior, basal coremata to the valve) and female genitalia (ovipositor lobes with setae almost in a distal ring) that suggest placement within the Acronictinae near Craniophora, rather than the Amphipyrinae. The presence of lateral rods on the male eighth sternite, absence of the trifine basal hair pencil, and development and pining of the aedeagus vesica are also consistent with, if not definitive for, such a placement.

The forewing facies has a black bar from the costa to between the reniform and orbicular stigmata as in Craniophora; there is a strong black marginal streak as in Craniophora but centrally rather than subdorsally.

The valve of the male genitalia is apically acute with a small secondary spur subapically, ventrally. In the central lamina of the valve there is an angular sclerotisation that contains a more lightly sclerotised zone within the angle basad; distal to this angular sclerotisation is a small semicircular flange.

In the female genitalia the ventral part of the ostium is bilobed. The basal part of the ductus is smoothly sclerotised, the distal part strongly corrugate, the corrugations extending into a reflexed, strongly sclerotised appendix bursae. The bursa is ovoid, very finely and lightly scobinate all over.

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