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Platyprosopa nigrostrigata Bethune-Baker  
Bagada nigrostrigata
Bethune-Baker, 1906, Novit zool 13: 209.
Platyprosopa nigrostrigata Bethune-Baker; Holloway, 1976: 10.


Platyprosopa nigrostrigata


The forewing ground is bone colour, marked with typical trifine pattern in light brown. The black costal and marginal streaks are diagnostic, the latter differently positioned (more anterior) to that in Acronicta or Craniophora.

Geographical range.
Sundaland, Sulawesi, Kei, New Guinea, Bismarcks.

Habitat preference.
The only Bornean specimen seen was from 1200m at Bundu Tuhan (cultivation and forest remnants) on G. Kinabalu.

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