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Fritillerinnys Gen. n.

Type species: clathraria Warren.

The single species in this genus was misplaced in Callerinnys (See Entomopteryx amputata Guenée), and does not exhibit lithinine features except for the antennae. Indeed, the ansa of the tympanic bulla is somewhat hammer-headed, suggesting that the species may be a larentiine, though vein M2 is only represented by a fold in the hindwing, the margin of which is characteristically notched in that position. In the forewing, Rs branches off from the cell well before the distal angle (where M1 arises), and R1 anastomoses with Sc for some considerable part of its length. The radial veins are reduced to four.

The male antennae are of the lithinine type, filiform, densely invested with short ciliae on the underside.

The wing pattern consists of a reticulate tracery of golden brown on pale yellow, the brown elements finely edged with darker brown. The fringes are picked out with dark brown at the veins.

The male genitalia have some resemblance to those of Plutodes but there is a strong gnathus, and the valve lacks any ornament. The aedeagus vesica is immaculate. The uncus is long and slender. Abdominal sternite 3 lacks a setal comb.

The female genitalia offer no clues as to tribal placement The ostium is unmodified. The ductus is short, narrow, laterally scrolled. The neck of the bursa is three times the width of the ductus and about eight times as long, broadening slightly to the ovate distal position that contains a central, rather disc-like signum of a form consistent with placement of the genus in the Ennominae.

The early stages are not known.

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