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Entomopteryx amputata Guenée 
Entomopteryx amputata Guenée, 1857, Hist. nat. Insectes, Spec. gen. Lep., 9:171.
Callerinnys marginata Warren, 1896, Novit. zool., 3: 407.

Entomopteryx amputata

Entomopteryx amputata

In the male the narrowed, tornally excavate hindwings with a pilose underside distinguish this species from statheuta. The hindwing medial is stronger but the punctate postmedial of statheuta is lacking in amputata. The forewing postmedial in amputata is more oblique, weakly sinuous rather than straight.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. Most Bornean material seen is from G. Kinabalu, taken by Waterstradt, but without altitude data.

Biology. The larva was discovered in 1992 by Dr M.A. Cook in the lowlands of Brunei. A full account of these findings may be found in Weintraub, Cook & Scoble (in press).

The host plant was a fern.

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