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Zeheba Moore

Type species: aureata Moore.

This genus was reviewed by Holloway (1991), with presentation of a phylogenetic analysis. It is the most robust of the eutoeine genera, with the basal two thirds of each wing pale, dull, rather translucent yellow, and the distal third with a medium, rich brown border. The forewing is bifalcate, apically pale. There is some sexual dimorphism, the male having the hindwing margin crenulate, the female having a marked angle at vein M3. The brown borders to the wings are broader in the female, the interior boundaries of the border less regular. The male antennae are ciliate.

In the male genitalia the valve has a lobe between the two arms as in Eutoea and Luxiaria: this is diagnostically elongate such that the two arms are well separated. The ventral arm of the valve is bilaterally asymmetrical in most species. The aedeagus vesica has two opposed, elongate, reversed cornuti, one ligulate, the other narrow with a weak subapical barb.

The female genitalia have the bursa with the basal half sclerotised, fluted, scobinate, funnel-like. There is no signum.

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