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Eutoea Walker

Type species: personaria Walker (= heteroneurata Guenée).

Synonym: Nustidava Walker (type species, unilineata Walker = heteroneurata Guenée).

This genus shows strong sexual dimorphism in the shape and venation of the wings. The female is of typical Eutoeini morphology, but the male has the forewing apex produced, acute, and the hindwing dorsal zone much enlarged. The hindwing cell is smaller, with Rs at its anterior margin more strongly bowed than in the female. The space between M1 and M3 is narrowed, with M3 curved round dorsal submarginally to run almost parallel to the margin, which it reaches proximal to CuA1 where there is a slight angle. On the forewing underside there is a trio of small ridges or folds set obliquely in the foveal position. The male antennae are ciliate.

The male genitalia resemble those of the next two genera in having a small lobe or other structure between the two arms of the valves. In Eutoea it is corematous and broadly overlaps the ventral arm to the exterior. The three genera also resemble each other in possession of subapical processes on the ventral arms of the valve. The aedeagus vesica contains numerous moderate cornuti.

The female genitalia have the bursa spherical with a lateral zone slightly sclerotised, but no signum.

The genus contains the widespread type species, discussed below, and E. heteromorpha Warren from New Guinea, represented only by the male holotype, which has venational modification less extreme than in the type species, with more regular wing margins (concave on the forewing).

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