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Probithia Warren

Type species: exclusa Walker.

Synonym: Bithia Walker, praeocc. (type species: exclusa).

This genus has the hindwing margin angled at vein M3. The male antennae are weakly bipectinate. The postmedial of the forewing is oblique, with irregular, diffuse grey or brown shading distad in most species. The medial fasciae of both wings include the discal spots, rather than lying distal to them. In the male genitalia the sacculus has a subbasal lobe dorsally. Most species have a lobe ventrally at the centre of the dorsal arm of the valve. The lobe bears short, coarse setae. The aedeagus terminates in two equal sclerotised strips, and in most species the vesica has a distal short cornutus and a central long one, both apically blunt and scobinate.

The female genitalia have the ductus elongate, fluted. The bursa is ovoid, with a strong central signum of a typical ennomine type.

The genus may be related to Nadagarodes as mentioned in the introduction to the tribe. A phylogenetic hypothesis was presented by Holloway (1991). This (informally) established P. perichila Prout stat. rev. as a good species, revived P. obstataria Walker stat. rev. from synonymy but with P. turpis Warren (see Holloway, 1984b) sunk to it, syn. n. The remaining species-group names in the genus are referable to the two Bornean species below: these are probably sister- species.

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