::The Moths Of Borneo::

Volume 2

Bornean moths in the zygaenoid families Phaudidae, Himantopteridae and Zygaenidae are described, completing the coverage of the superfamily commenced in Part 1 of this series, apart from the Lacturidae. The treatment covers 76 species distributed over 37 genera, with 8 of the former and one subspecies described as new. For each species, a diagnosis and the geographical range are given and, where known, details of habitat preference and biology.

A fully revised and annotated checklist is provided for the species covered by the whole series, with new records, descriptions of 4 new genera and 20 new species, as well as a review of taxonomic changes and other new taxa that have been published in the literature since each Part appeared, including developments from a number of molecular (DNA) studies of the major groups, particularly with regard to the Noctuoidea where the series is contributing to, and benefitting from, a significant exchange of information. Summaries of much fresh biological information are presented for many species.

The total fauna now amounts to about 4630 species for the superfamilies Cossoidea, Zygaenoidea, Calliduloidea, Drepanoidea, Lasiocampoidea, Bombycoidea, Geometroidea and Noctuoidea. 26 families are covered in full. All new taxa, synonymies and other taxonomic changes presented here are summarised. A full index is provided.

An Appendix by the author and H.S. Barlow documents the history of the series, its aims, the extent of its coverage in terms of geographical relevance, and its contribution to wider aspects of Lepidoptera systematics in terms of higher classification. Practical and financial aspects of its production and publication are discussed, including the development of an online version.

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