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Dysaethria columba Holloway comb. n. 
Epiplema columba Holloway, 1976: 87.

Dysaethria columba

Dysaethria columba

The male antennae are bipectinate but the facies is more as in the conflictaria Walker group. The forewings are medium to dark grey, without a violet tinge but with the fasciae narrow but distinctively entire. Confirmation of identity by dissection is recommended, and the association of male and female also needs checking (See Dysaethria flavistriga Warren comb.n.).

Taxonomic notes. The male and holotype female are associated on facies, though the female has elements of the hindwing pattern paler. The male genitalia are of typical Dysaethria form. The female has the basal half of the bursa filled with a semicircular sclerotised plate on which is a sparse and irregular scattering of spines.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype female is from 1500m on G. Kinabalu. The male is from alluvial forest at 100m near the western end of the Melinau Gorge, taken during the Mulu survey.

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