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Dysaethria fulvihamata Hampson comb. n
Epiplema fulvihamata Hampson, 1912,  J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc., 21:1243.

Dysaethria fulvihamata

This is a dark grey species, marked with black. The forewing fasciae are angular, the submarginal mark narrow. The hindwing has a band interior to the postmedial, dorsal to its angle, lined black, but with a paler zone exterior to it; there are white flecks submarginally between the tails.

Taxonomic notes. In facies this species is quite similar to D. bellissima Warren comb. n. (Peninsular Malaysia), but this has much shorter, broader male genitalia with a bundle of cornuti in the stouter aedeagus. The signum in the female is unusual, resembling that of Monobolodes Warren species (Monobolodes Warren).

Geographical range. Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ryukyu Is., Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is rare, only recorded from lowland forest.

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