Unassigned, mostly apomorphic genera
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Chrysaeglia Butler

Type species: magnifica Walker, Borneo.

This genus contains some of the larger species in the blue-black and yellow generic complex. All species have a straight, transverse blue-black bar medially on the forewing, and the costa and distal margin are also delineated with blue-black in all except C. xantha Kishida (Sulawesi).

In the male genitalia, the uncus is large, robust, usually centrally swollen. The valves are ovate, with a strong but slender saccular process curving interiorly around the distal margin of the dorsal part of the valve. The aedeagus vesica is long, narrow, with single, small but robust cornuti.

The female has a bursa with a single signum in the globular corpus, and a basal neck that joins a shorter ductus.

In addition to the type species and xantha, the genus is completed by C. perpendicularis Cernư from the Philippines.

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