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Macrobrochis Herrich-Schäffer

Type species: interstitialis Herrich-Schäffer (= gigas Walker), India.

Synonyms: Paraona Moore (type species splendens Butler, Bombay, Belgaum); Tripura Moore (type species prasena Moore, India).

All the species currently in this genus are large and often strikingly marked. Several are illustrated by Kishida (1993). The male antennae are filiform, ciliate. The wing venation is generally as in the next two genera and includes an areole on the forewing (Fig 1a).

Fig 1a: Sidyma albifinis Walker

The male genitalia are large, robust, with the saccus extensive and enclosing a mass of hairs as in Hesudra. The aedeagus vesica is large, globular, and contains an irregular band of short spines directed laterally within it in one direction. There may also be an additional single row of closely spaced, rather curved spines.

The female bursa (Tripura) is also large, ovate, set asymmetrically on a moderate ductus. The bursa is weakly and finely scobinate, this scobination being concentrated into an irregular signum on one side.

The genus is most diverse on the Asian mainland but is represented in Sundaland by the species below and by M. infernalis Roepke in Sulawesi. Kishida (1997) recorded four species from Thailand. His new species, notabilis Kishida, appears to be identical to flavicincta Hampson.

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